Expert attention for your child’s movement: Children’s remedial therapy Eindhoven.

At Sens beweegt je in and around Eindhoven we offer remedial therapy and physiotherapy. Some of our therapists specialise in children’s therapy.

Children’s therapy

Children’s physiotherapists and children’s remedial therapists specialise in motor development of babies, young children and children of primary school age. In babies, we often need to treat preferred posture and deviations in the development of motion and the growth of children. We regularly see baby colic, examining what we can do for these babies and their parents.

Movement and play are very important for a child’s development. It is also one of the favourite pastimes of children. During the primary school years they learn a variety of new skills like cycling, swimming and writing. For most children this happens naturally and easily. However, some children experience difficulty in doing some of these things the right way, however hard they might try. In that case a children’s remedial therapist or physiotherapist could be of help. Children’s therapists at Sens beweegt je Eindhoven also offer treatments at the patient’s home, because it is better in some cases to treat children in a familiar environment. Our children’s therapists educate parents about their child’s development and give them practical tips and exercises to positively support it.


Sens beweegt je Eindhoven employs three sleep therapists. Our children’s therapist is specialised in sleeping troubles in children. Often, the sleep therapists cooperate on one case because the parents also develop sleeping problems if their child does not sleep well. Factors like insecurity and anxiety in parents can negatively influence children’s and parent’s quality of sleep.

Children can encounter a variety of problems in their motor development.

Quotes by parents:
“My baby has one preferred posture.”
“My baby has one preferred posture.”
“My child is behind in his development of writing.”
“My child doesn’t crawl yet.”
“My child falls very often.”
“My child does not want to play outside.”
“My child does not enjoy playing sports.”
“My child is behind in his development of writing.”

Quotes by the children themselves
“I play videogames often but after some time my neck starts to hurt and I get a headache.”
“I can’t really sit still and concentrate on my homework.”
“I don’t like physical education, I’m bad at it and I don’t get chosen often.”
“I want to play cops and robbers the right way but I can’t because I’m so clumsy (they say).”
“Getting up in the morning for school is really hard for me and I’m just so tired, tired.”
“I only fall asleep very late at night, my head is so full.”

Which specialist?

Children’s therapy at Sens beweegt je Eindhoven is a partnership between children’s physiotherapy and children’s remedial therapy.

Children’s remedial therapy is a specialisation of the remedial therapy Cesar and Mensendieck. Children’s physiotherapy is a specialisation of physiotherapy. Both fields are focused on the (senso)motor development of children aged 0 – 18.

We also offer the child the possibility to work on relaxation and improved sleep quality.
Children’s physiotherapists and remedial therapists work together, but your child still has a regular care provider. In this way, we strive to offer the best possible care for your child.

Intake, examination and treatment

After registration for children’s therapy at Sens beweegt je Eindhoven we ask the child and their parents in which situations or during which activities the child experience difficulty. Subsequently, the child’s motor functioning is examined. Based on the child’s needs and the motor skills examination, the children’s therapist establishes a treatment goal and plan.

The personal treatment plan is presented in such a way that your child will enjoy activity and internalise skills during play. In treatment, we tackle both the essentials and the skills within locomotion. Our method fits with your child’s experiences and interests. We use practise material specifically designed for children. Challenge and support are the key components to our strategy and guidance. Of course we discuss the treatment’s progress and possible additional guidance at home or school with parents, caregivers and teachers throughout the treatment. The children’s therapist promotes the motor development and makes physical activity fun again so children can better keep up with their peers.

Children’s therapy Sens beweegt je in Eindhoven is found at our locations in and around Eindhoven. Children’s physiotherapists and children’s remedial therapists also see patients at the children’s home or school.

Reimbursement and referral

Treatments for children’s therapy are fully reimbursed by basic insurance without a need for personal contribution. We also offer treatment without a doctor’s referral. One of Sens beweegt je’s treatment options is an appointment at home or at school. Welcome to Sens beweegt je children’s therapy in Eindhoven.

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