Pelvic therapy

The pelvic area is one of the most important links in the total movement chain of muscles, joints and ligaments in our musculoskeletal system. If the cooperation is not optimal, unpleasant complaints can arise such as back or pelvic pain, involuntary loss of urine or loss of stool, constipation, often having a bladder infection, breathing problems or pain during sex. At Sens moves you, the team is ready to help you.

Our method

  • Detailed interview about your complaints and your wishes for your recovery

  • Posture and movement examination

  • Treatment plan and explanation

  • Personal guidance in awareness of healthy living

  • We send you advice and exercise material

  • Possibility for contact in between sessions/ e-health

  • Possibility to log into your own file

Pelvic Therapy at


Pelvic therapy at Sens beweegt je can be fully reimbursed by your supplementary insurance.


Pelvic therapy is available at locations Airbornelaan, StrijpS, Boschdijk and Vessem.

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