Running therapy and runner’s high

Prevent anxiety and stress
Running therapy is the therapeutic use of a slow but long run guided by a running therapist as a supplementary form of treatment for people with psychological complaints. Depression, sleeplessness, and stress-related problems such as anxiety, overstrain and burnout in particular can be diminished using running therapy. Often, a feeling of euphoria arises because running lets you feel more in tune with your own potential for recovery.

Living a more happy and healthy life
Running therapy is also available for people who don’t experience any problems (yet) but have set a goal to obtain a better balance between activity (exertion, exercise, work) and rest (recovery, relaxation).

Running can be applied anywhere and you can schedule your own sessions. It keeps you strong and vital and can be used at any level of fitness. The euphoric feeling runner’s high arises because of the release of hormones like endorphins that make you feel happy.

Sens beweegt je offers a programme specifically made for you. We take into account your physical ability and your own goals. People with psychological problems often don’t exercise enough or tend to exercise too much, risking injury. After an extensive intake we often start with a fitness test and we measure your stress levels. Running therapy is not about your performance but about emptying your head and reducing your stress hormones so you can relax better or become more active without our help.

Urban running at Strijp-S

Do you just feel like going on a run with a group of people? In the morning, or after your work day?

At our Strijp-S location, we are starting a running group in and around Strijp. Sign up now and you can come along with us whenever you like in exchange for a small fee.

Our method

  • Detailed interview about your complaints and your wishes for your recovery

  • Posture and movement examination

  • Treatment plan and explanation

  • Personal guidance in awareness of healthy living

  • We send you advice and exercise material

  • Possibility for contact in between sessions/ e-health

  • Possibility to log into your own file

Would you like to know how we can help you to move better?