Address the cause of the complaints

The Mensendieck-Cesar exercise therapist is a specialist in teaching healthy exercise behavior. It is a paramedical treatment method aimed at reducing and preventing physical complaints. We always look at your complaints at your total posture and your exercise behavior.

Effort and relaxation

We take stock of the possibilities in terms of exercise and relaxation. In this way we map out your physical and psychological situation. You will work with the therapist on the basis of a personal treatment plan Sens moves you to work. We guide you in becoming more aware of your options to influence your own health and well-being. Sens moves you uses treatment techniques that promote recovery and support the learning process towards a different posture and good movements. By improving your body feeling and becoming aware of good posture and movement habits, the body will be loaded as optimally as possible and complaints will reduce or even disappear. In this way we can reduce pain and structurally address the cause of the complaint.

Function well during daily activities

Exercise therapy is in line with the changed view on movement, posture and performance. More is gradually becoming known about how the body performs and which factors are responsible for this. Priorities such as strength and fitness sometimes appear to be of secondary importance. To move well, coordination, mental condition, optimal posture, distribution of forces, relaxation and rest are important. Read more about Mensendieck-Cesar Exercise Therapy at vvocm.

Our method

  • Extensive interview about your complaints and wishes for recovery

  • Posture and movement research

  • Treatment plan and explanation

  • Personal guidance in raising awareness of healthy behavior

  • You will receive practice material and advice

  • Possibility for interim contact/e-health

  • Login option in your own file

Aandacht  oefening en herhaling

Aandacht, herhaling en oefening

Een lichaamshouding is heel persoonlijk en laat zien wie je bent.De manier waarop je je gewrichten en wervelkolom opbouwt, geeft je wel of geen bewegingsvrijheid en bepaalt in welke balans je spieren samenwerken.Door bewust je houdingen, dagelijks leven of werkhouding te analyseren ontdek je hoe je met efficiënte spierspanning je lichaam kunt gebruiken waardoor je minder klachten ervaart.

Stress is a normal emotion

Stress makes you alert, keeps you sharp, increases your performance and can give you a wonderful feeling. If stress persists for too long, tension patterns can arise, causing you to experience pain and become restless, agitated, forgetful, depressed or anxious. You can change this by becoming aware of what gives you stress and by feeling what reactions this gives in your body. We use stress measurements for this and provide relaxation and breathing training to prevent stress complaints.

What moves you?

Many people unconsciously use the wrong muscles and joints, resulting in pain and functional limitations. For example, they use their neck and shoulder muscles too much instead of the arm and back muscles. As a result, pain, stiffness and discomfort arise. Walking, bending, lifting and all kinds of work activities are also sometimes not done properly. We check how you use your body and with a muscle tension meter we can measure whether you are using the right muscles. We then teach you how to use the right muscles by providing advice and biofeedback training.

Helping hands

Despite exercises and advice to change your posture and movement patterns and your exercise and relaxation habits, your complaints may not go away completely. Sometimes vertebrae or joints are blocked. Bee Sens moves youThe therapists can also use manual techniques to solve this. They use mobilization techniques, massages and/or craniosacral and visceral techniques to speed up your recovery.

Measuring is knowing

Nothing is as difficult as influencing behavior. Look at a position you have always adopted or movements you always make in a certain way. How can you learn to feel that if you perform them differently, you will have less muscle tension? We work with a muscle tension meter that makes it clear whether you are already using the right muscles or whether you need advice and training to use them differently. We also make extra Sens moves you use of the Emwave cardiac coherence meter. Research has shown that the pattern of your heart rhythm reflects the state of your emotions and the functioning of your nervous system. This way we can determine how high your stress level is and, depending on this, offer you good advice and exercise material.

Once every seven minutes

In the Netherlands, an elderly person falls once every seven minutes. The use of a walking aid, the degree of fear of falling and whether someone has fallen more than once in the past year have a particular influence on the risk of falling. Bee Sens moves you we train elderly people to reduce the risk of falls. In collaboration with physiotherapists, we offer fall risk screening and fall prevention training. We also train independence with the elderly by practicing in and around the home in daily activities such as turning over in bed, getting up independently from a chair, cleaning, cycling. We also work on maintaining fitness and increasing muscle strength. In addition, attention is paid to loneliness and lack of exercise, which causes many complaints and discomfort. Sens moves you is affiliated with Valnet.

Optimal care for people with Parkinson's

Bee Sens moves you two therapists are affiliated with Parkinsonnet. This is a national network of healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment and guidance of Parkinson's patients. This network includes healthcare providers such as neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and nurses. They are specially trained in treating Parkinson's patients and patients with atypical parkinsonisms. The diagnosis of Parkinson's brain disease often involves many uncertainties and the course of the disease is different for everyone. We look at the wishes, for example, to learn to deal better with stiffness and the loss of easy movement. It appears that moderately intensive exercise two to three times a week has a positive influence on the brain. Sens moves you guides people to do this themselves.

Optimale zorg voor  mensen met MS

Bee Sens moves you zijn twee therapeuten aangesloten bij MS Zorg Nederland. Dit is een netwerk van zorgverleners die gespecialiseerd zijn in de behandeling en begeleiding van mensen met multiple sclerose (MS) en hun naasten. In Nederland heeft 1 op de 1.000 inwoners MS. De ziekte is ingrijpend voor mensen, hun omgeving en hun toekomst. De diagnose MS brengt vaak veel onzekerheden met zich mee en het ziekteverloop is bij iedereen weer anders. Wij kijken naar de wensen om bijvoorbeeld beter te leren omgaan met vermoeidheid of we trainen gedoseerd de spieren om te kunnen blijven werken en functioneren in de dagelijkse bezigheden.

Expert attention to your child's movements

Exercise is very important for a child's development, this is also a favorite activity of children. During primary school they learn many new skills such as cycling, swimming and writing. For most children, learning this comes naturally. Sometimes children find it difficult to perform certain activities well, no matter how hard they try. In that case, the pediatric exercise therapist or a pediatric physiotherapist can provide help.

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