What can I expect from a stress measurement?

  • Extensive intake and first measurement of biofeedback equipment.

  • Real-time, simultaneous measurement of indicators of stress: breathing, heart rate, skin conductance, skin temperature and muscle tension.

  • Analysis of the statistical values, clear explanation and reporting.

  • Advice for recovery based on the initial data from the intake and stress measurement.

  • After 4, 8 and 12 weeks a re-measurement with additional advice.

Measuring is knowing

We use biofeedback measuring equipment to measure stress. Biofeedback is a method in which various body signals are measured simultaneously: breathing, heart rate, muscle tension, hand temperature and hand moisture.

For whom?

Biofeedback has proven added value for stress-related complaints, burnout, (head) pain, high blood pressure and stress-related sleep problems.

Sens works according to the CSR method (Chronical Stress Reversal method). More information about stress and burnout in the video above.

What do clients say about us?

The stress measurement was the beginning of a big change.

Roos Verbraak

I learned to breathe again to manage stress.

Ruben Kool

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