Expert attention to your child's movement: Children's Therapy Eindhoven.

At Sens you move in Eindhoven and the surrounding area you can go for exercise therapy and physiotherapy. A number of our therapists specialize in child therapy.

Child therapy

Pediatric physiotherapists and pediatric exercise therapists specialize in the motor development of babies, young children and children of primary school age. In babies, this often involves treating preferred posture and abnormalities in the development of growth and movement. Child therapists at Sens moves je Eindhoven also regularly see crying babies and examine what we can contribute to this for the child and parents.

Exercise is very important for a child's development, and this is often a favorite activity of children. During primary school they learn many new skills such as cycling, swimming and writing. For most children, learning this comes naturally. Sometimes children find it difficult to perform certain activities well, no matter how hard they try. In that case, the pediatric exercise therapist or a pediatric physiotherapist can provide help. Child therapists from Sens moves you Eindhoven also treat you at home. Treating children in their own environment is sometimes better. Child therapists from Sens moves je Eindhoven provide parents with information about the development of their growing child and receive practical tips and exercises to positively support development.

Other complaints
In addition, our pediatric physiotherapists and pediatric exercise therapists also treat children with posture and movement complaints (including scoliosis), joint pain (back and neck complaints, knee-ankle-foot, arm-shoulder-wrist), sports injuries and tension complaints (headache, breathing).


Sleep therapists also work at Sens moves you Eindhoven. The child therapist has a specialization in sleep problems in children. We work together because sleep problems often arise among parents. Sometimes factors such as uncertainty and fear among parents play a role, which can negatively affect the sleep of the child and parents.

Problems that children can experience in their motor development are very diverse.

Quotes from parents:
“My baby has a preferred position.”
“My baby cries so much.”
“My child is behind in his development in writing.”
“My child is not crawling yet.”
“My child falls very often.”
“My child doesn't want to play outside.”
“My child does not enjoy sports.”
“My child is behind in his development in writing.”

Quotes from children themselves
“I often game, but after a while I get neck pain and sometimes a headache.”
“I really can't sit still and concentrate for homework.”
“I don't like gym, I'm not good at it and I don't get chosen very often.”
“I want to play good police and villains, but that doesn't work because I'm clumsy (they say).”
“It's very difficult for me to get up to go to school, I'm tired, tired.”
“I don't get to sleep until very late, my head is busy.”

Which specialist?

Children's therapy at Sens moves you Eindhoven is a collaboration between children's physiotherapy and children's exercise therapy.

Children's exercise therapy is a specialization of Cesar and Mensendieck Exercise Therapy. Pediatric physiotherapy is a specialization of physiotherapy. Both professions focus on the (sensoro)motor development of children and young people from 0 to 18 years.

At Children's Therapy Sens in Eindhoven there is also the opportunity for children to work on relaxation and better sleep.
Pediatric physiotherapists and pediatric exercise therapists work together, but your child does have a regular care provider. This is how we strive to provide the best care for your child.

Intake, examination and treatment

After registering for child therapy at Sens moves je Eindhoven, the child and the parents/guardians are asked which activities or situations the child has difficulty with. The child's motor functioning is then examined. Based on the request for help and the motor examination, the child therapist draws up a treatment goal and treatment plan.

The individual treatment plan is offered in such a way that your child enjoys exercise and masters skills through play. During the treatment, both necessary conditions and skills within motor skills are addressed. This is tailored to your child's experiences and interests. Exercise material specifically for children is used. Challenging and supporting are key words in the approach and guidance. Naturally, during the treatment period, discussions will be held with parents, caregivers and teachers about the progress of the treatment and about any guidance at home or in the classroom. The child therapist stimulates motor development and ensures that exercise becomes fun again and children can better keep up with their peers.

Children's therapy Sens moves you treat Eindhoven at Sens moves you locations in Eindhoven and surrounding areas. In addition, pediatric physiotherapists and pediatric exercise therapists visit home and school.

Reimbursement and referral

Child therapy treatments are reimbursed 100% from basic insurance without a personal contribution. You can also come to us without a referral from your GP or pediatrician. An appointment at school or at home is possible at Sens moves you. Welcome to Sens moves your child therapy Eindhoven.

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