Headaches are common, 2/3 of Dutch people suffer from them at some point. Usually headaches go away quickly and there is no reason to worry. Headache complaints are rarely caused by a serious condition. Yet headache complaints can have a major impact on your daily life, day and night. If you often suffer from headaches, it is wise to seek help.

To resolve the complaints and to know which treatment suits you best, it is good to know which type of headache you have.

We distinguish 3 types of primary headache:

  • Tension headache also called tension type headache

  • Migraine

  • Cluster headache

Secondary headaches arise from an underlying problem. Think about:

  • Neck complaints

  • Tension/stress

  • Overload of the jaw musculature

  • Whiplash

  • Neurohormonal disruption

  • Bad sleeping

  • Chronic hyperventilation

  • Unfavorable (work) postures

Muscle tension headache

The most common form of headache is muscle tension headache.

This pain is caused by increased muscle tension of the neck and throat muscles. We often also find trigger points (local hardenings) in the muscles that can cause radiating pain.

Headache complaints can often be easily remedied.

Our method

  • Extensive interview about your complaints and wishes for recovery

  • Posture and movement examination of the entire body with an emphasis on the head, neck and shoulders

  • Measurement of breathing, heart rate, muscle tension in the neck, shoulders, head and jaws

  • Treatment plan and explanation

  • Personal guidance in raising awareness of healthy behavior

  • You will receive practice material and advice

  • Possibility for interim contact/e-health

  • Login option in your own file

What do clients say about us?

After a number of trigger point treatments, my complaints are now gone. I'm glad the neurologist referred me.

Tonnie Verbeek

After measuring my breathing, heart rate and muscle tension, my headache turned out to be caused by incorrect breathing technique. I can control my complaints through breathing training with an app.

Ab Roelofs

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