The Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO) describes the rights and obligations of clients in healthcare.
The WGBO is important for everyone who comes into contact with medical care. As soon as a doctor or therapist starts examining or treating a patient, a medical treatment agreement exists.

The WGBO regulates:

  • Right to information about the medical situation
  • Consent for medical treatment
  • Inspection of the medical file
  • Right to privacy and confidentiality of medical data (professional secrecy)
  • Right to free choice of doctor
  • Representation of patients who cannot decide for themselvesDuties

In addition to rights, patients also have obligations: the patient must inform the healthcare provider properly, honestly and fully about his problems. With the right information, the healthcare provider can make a faster and better diagnosis and provide better care. The patient must cooperate with the healthcare provider as much as possible and follow advice.