Multiple Sclerose (MS) is een ziekte waarbij ontstekingen ontstaan in het centrale zenuwstelsel (hersenen en ruggenmerg) die de isolatielaag rondom de zenuwen aantasten. Hierdoor kan het centrale zenuwstelsel bepaalde signalen niet goed meer verwerken. Patiënten kunnen hierdoor diverse uitvalsverschijnselen krijgen variërend van krachtverlies tot blindheid, extreme moeheid en geheugenproblemen.

Behandeling van MS

MS is niet te genezen maar medicatie kan het verloop van de ziekte vertragen of stabiliseren. Goede zorg en begeleiding zijn erg belangrijk voor het inpassen van de ziekte in het dagelijks leven. MS is immers een ingrijpende aandoening, niet alleen voor de persoon zelf maar ook voor de omgeving. Naast lichamelijke klachten brengt de diagnose MS ook veel onzekerheid met zich mee. Het verloop van de ziekte is namelijk onvoorspelbaar.
Het is belangrijk bij deze ziekte goede gespecialiseerde (multidisciplinaire) begeleiding in te schakelen.

Bij Sens beweegt je zijn twee therapeuten betrokken bij Mszorg Nederland.

Our services

The Mensendieck-Cesar exercise therapist is a specialist in learning a correct way of moving in order to reduce and prevent physical complaints.

Using massage, manual techniques and training, the physiotherapist treats physical complaints that are the result of a wrong movement, a fall, an accident, an illness or old age.

Sens(e) pregnant consists of two programs, before and after delivery, to enjoy your pregnancy without complaints and to quickly regain your fitness after delivery.

Running therapy is the therapeutic use of a gentle endurance run under the guidance of a running therapist as an additional form of treatment for people with psychological or stress-related complaints.

If you really think about yourself, over time you will feel what you really want in your life. You will learn to use mindfulness to deal more consciously and better with stress, pain and unwanted habits.

Vital employees are the most important capital of a company. Sens in operation advises companies in the field of health management and trains employees in healthy working.

The Mensendieck-Cesar exercise therapist is a specialist in learning a correct way of moving in order to reduce and prevent physical complaints. The physiotherapist is an exercise specialist and can immediately reduce pain complaints. At Sens you work with sleep therapists, pelvic therapists, child therapists and occupational therapists.

Our method

  • Extensive interview about your complaints and wishes for recovery

  • Posture and movement research

  • Treatment plan and explanation

  • Personal guidance in raising awareness of healthy behavior

  • You will receive practice material and advice

  • Possibility for interim contact/e-health

  • Login option in your own file

What do clients say about us?

Thanks to the therapy, I can now deal with my stress much better!

Robin ter Avest

Sleep therapy makes me feel much more energetic and I enjoy life to the full again.

Jur Geerts

Thanks to my therapy with Lonneke, I have started to enjoy gym class again. I now also dare to participate in playing football on the square.

Evi Jongepier

My child has become much more confident and less tense when moving, which is nice to see. She has clearly enjoyed activities more.

Taco kisses

Instead of saying No, I now clearly say YES to what I can and want to do.

Illia Vaskovich

I never thought that running would make me fitter and happier!

Monique van Zonneveld

Would you like to know how we can help you move (better)?