Breathing and Relaxation Therapy

During breathing and relaxation therapy you learn more about your breathing and the relation to your complaints. We investigate whether it is possible to relax and whether possible complaints, physical or mental, respond to a more functional way of breathing.
We use different exercises such as breathing, movement or attention exercises.
Sometimes (hyper-)focus on the breath can amplify the complaints. Shifting the focus more towards relaxation, especially in beginning, can make the breathing pattern more natural such that focus on the breath is less disturbing.

The goal is that breathing happens naturally and automatic and that you feel good!

Breathing and relaxation therapy is an effective method for (among other complaints)

  • Hyperventilation (excessive breathing)

  • Breathing complaints or ‘habits’ like for example holding your breath

  • Psychological complaints like anxiety or trauma

  • Sleeping problems

  • Fatigue and burn out

  • Long Covid complaints


At Sens beweegt je it is possible to map and practice your breathing very precisely using biofeedback equipment. We can then measure breathing, timing, heart rate, etc. during various activities. It is also possible to do a stress test before and after a period of breathing therapy to experience the effect in a more objective way.

Our method

  • Detailed interview about your complaints and your wishes for your recovery

  • Treatment plan and explanation

  • Personal guidance in awareness of healthy living

  • We send you advice and exercise material

  • Possibility for contact in between sessions/e-health

  • Possibility to log into your own file

What do our clients say about us?

Because of the therapy I can deal with my stress so much better now!

Robin ter Avest

Because of my therapy with Lonneke I’ve started liking PE again. Now I also dare to join the kids playing football on the playground.

Evi Jongepier

My child has become more confident and less stressed during physical activity, which is great to see. She clearly enjoys these activities more.

Taco Kisjes

Instead of saying no, I can now give a clear YES to all the things I can and want to do.

Illia Vaskovich

Would you like to know how we can help you to move better?